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Cardinal Rainer
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Who we are

We are a group of friends who belong to the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation (Comunione e Liberazione). We share the same desire: to better get to know the reality in which we live, to understand it, and to live it with others.

Therefore, our events are open to everyone. We appreciate your participation as well as the cooperation of private persons and institutions who would like to commit to this cultural work.

This is also how the association Rhein-Meeting e.V., organiser of the Rhein Meeting, once came into being.

The Rhine Meeting 2016 is organized by: Chiara Bignamini, Ulrike Brehm, Francesco Carcano, P. Dr. Gianluca Carlin FSCB, Serena Castelli, Dr. Veronica Ceruti, Anna Dellanoce, Katharina Feith, Laura Angela Gatti, Valeria Gianstefani, Martin Jagner, Katharina Keßler, Monika Knoll, Michaela Neumann, Andrea Sumser, Dr. Richard Verhoeven, Ursula Wiesmann.


06 Nov 2016

The Rhine Meeting 2017 will show an exhibition of photos by Barbara Klemm.

05 Nov 2016

The editor of the reformed journal Ecclesia, Dr. Huib Klink, has confirmed his participation for 2017.

04 Nov 2016

The Presentations 2016 by Prof. Dr. Russell Ronald Reno and John Waters are online.

17 Oct 2016

Prof. Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide, director of the Centre for Islamic Theology at the University of Münster, has confirmed his participation for 2017.

02 Oct 2016

The catholic archbishop of Moscow, Dr. Paolo Pezzi, has confirmed his participation for 2017.