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Javier María   Prades López

Javier María Prades López

Fr. Prof. Dr. Javier María Prades López is Professor of Dogmatic Theology and President of the Universidad Eclesiástica San Dámaso, Madrid. He is a member of the International Theological Commission and editor of the journal Revista Española de Teología as well as further journals and books. He has authored numerous articles addressing questions of theology, society, and culture.

Manoli   Ramírez de Arellano

Manoli Ramírez de Arellano

Spanish soprano Manoli Ramírez de Arellano’s wide range of repertoire encompasses pieces from her country's folk tradition as well as a treasury of old religious songs, Portuguese fado, and Sephardic music. Besides performing all over Europe, the Madrid singer has recorded several CDs, including Venite a laudare, Vergine Madre, and Rosa das Rosas.

Lucio   Rossi

Lucio Rossi

Physicist Prof. Dr. Lucio Rossi has been head of the High Luminosity LHC project at CERN in Geneva since 2011. The project aims at increasing the luminosity of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) by the factor of 10 within the next six years. From 2001 to 2011, Rossi was responsible for the LHC’s superconducting magnets. As such, he made a major contribution to the discovery of the Higgs boson, which upset the scientific world in 2012.

Rossi has authored more than 100 international scientific publications and received the IEEE Superconductivity Award in 2007.

Bernhard   Scholz

Bernhard Scholz

Since 2009 Bernhard Scholz has been president of Compagnia delle Opere, an association of around 35,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations in Italy. He is a management consultant and, since 2006, heads the Scuola d’Impresa della Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, an academy for leaders of small and medium-sized businesses.


John   Waters

John Waters

John Waters is a journalist and writer based in Ireland. He has been writing for Irish newspapers since 1981 and contributing to the Irish Times as a columnist since 1991. He has authored several books, audio books, stage plays, and song lyrics.


Josef   Zöhrer

Josef Zöhrer

Dr. Josef Zöhrer teaches dogmatic theology and didactics of religion at the Freiburg University of Education. Born in 1950 in Knittelfeld (Austria), he studied theology at Graz and Regensburg and went on to teach at a secondary school for a few years. In 1983 he completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on the philosopher Karl Jaspers; he was supervised by Joseph Ratzinger.


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